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Morgan Arboretum

Now, that, rain is upon us again and that all the leafs have fallen, here are the only golden leaf images that I managed to capture this fal

Halloween, The Grudge

Cinematic, Halloween photo shoot inspired from the horror film The Grudge. With Lou Rigoudy and Robert Montcalm.


With only 3h hours to spend and most of that time limited to bus rides from place to place here are a few shots to give you a glimpse of the


MERCADO nueva cocina mexicana / Fine Mexican cuisine Even though this image collection takes the name of the restaurant, this session was...

Cuba, Melia Marina, Varadero 2016

Meliá Marina, Varadero. ( May 7th-14th ) This wonderful resort was a nice getaway from the fairly cold and wet springs Montreal has to...


Was going through the bulk of images shot few weekends a go to prepare a selection when I found few snapshots of the MayaMedia video...

MFleurs Launch Party

Two weeks a go (June 30th) I had the opportunity to cover the MFleurs Launch Party: the new craze for gorgeous rose arrangement in a...

Catching the Unseen: Chōrui

Inspired by Japanese Sumi-e and its minimalist philosophy, this photography series aims to capture fleeting moments, emotions, ready to...

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