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Cuba, Melia Marina, Varadero 2016

Meliá Marina, Varadero. ( May 7th-14th )

This wonderful resort was a nice getaway from the fairly cold and wet springs Montreal has to offer plus starting summer a week early is always a plus.

The hotel is quite new and being built right besides the Marina it is in the proximity of a series of shops, a coffee place, a club and a market. Fun little places that give the entire complex the feeling of a little town.

The personnel was cheerful and eager to help, that said leaving them a tip made them even more friendly and improved the services quite a bit. A few times, sitting on the terrace and enjoying the view, our waiter would show up with an espresso/cappuccino because he remembered our previous order habit.

Food was available in quite a large variety and well prepared and that was a very big plus. We did hear, during one of the trips, people from different resorts complain about their food quality.

As for our room it was always cleaned daily, yet the only thing I would complain about is the poor isolation of the door frame that would create a howling sound every time the wind would pick up during the night.

Overall this was a very nice experience and we were lucky to have only good weather. The hotel looked very nice, the services were good and there was some entertainment as well in the evenings.

Time just flew by and now I'm thinking I wouldn't mind going back for a week or so.

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